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Services we provide for students:

  • 📆 Student Timetable
  • ⏱ Finals Countdown
  • 🚌 Public/Campus Bus Timings/Locations
  • 📌 Campus Maps
  • 🍱 Order food in uWave with YQueue
  • 🌟 Modules Reviews & Ratings
  • 💬 Campus Discussions
  • 🏓 Clubs & Societies in Campus
  • 💲 Student discounts

Make friends with
Campus Discussions

Share a Post, Question or Story within your campus community. Connect with fellow school mates and make some friends along the way!

Start each day feeling calm and in control

Get a clear overview of every Module you have on your plate. Keep track of Classes, Assignments, Tests and Exams with our Reminders and Notes!

Guide 👉🏻

uWave exclusive Students Discounts

Discover exclusive students discounts hunted by the uWave team! Don't say bojio!

Campus Maps
Public & Campus Bus
all in one app!

No need for a public bus app! uWave provides public bus timings, campus bus locations (if available) & campus maps all-in one. We got your back when traveling around as a student!


Connect with Clubs
& Societies on Campus

Discover your interest & connect to student clubs available in your campus!

Explore, Rate
& Review Modules

Module Ratings & Reviews at your fingertips. Writing reviews for modules you have taken will go a long way and your juniors will definitely appreciate this!


Play Store Reviews


Amazing app with all the stuff we as students actually need. Fast troubleshooting response as well.

14 October 2020 | suckms


The only app you'll ever need as an NTU student. Bus timings, timetable and discussion board are integrated in an aesthetically pleasing layout that is easy to understand. Great job to the developers for their responsiveness and doing this for the students 🙌

11 October 2020 | Lawrence Lim


Great as an app for university life, alongside wonderful service for feedbacks and when I get a bit blur and can't figure out how to work out some stuff :)

13 November 2020 | Marilyn


uWave team constantly improves the app to make it a smooth experience for its users. personally, i found the maps function very useful as i could easily locate the different lesson venues via uWave app while i'm on the move!

8 February 2021 | Yu Jia Koh


10/10 just a fellow student being very appreciative that they took the time to respond to our query. Straight up respect and kudos to the team running the app. Thank you for making all our lives easier!!!!

18 October 2019 | XY Phua


App Store Reviews


Nvr heard much about it but tried using it after a friend introduced it to me. The maps was amazing helped me to find my way to well in NUS during a CCA camp. The timetable is really useful too with ability to add deadlines and tests etc, really a nice addition to NUSMods. The bus is also pretty sik can view public and campus shuttle bus. Now I can delete my public bus app. The fact that everything is in one app is pretty sleek and convenient

04 February 2021 | imrong18


This app is so well-designed and has many helpful features for students, especially a uni freshman like myself. The map feature is sooo useful, helped me to find my lecture halls and way around the campus. I also use the app to check the campus shuttle bus timings. The newly-added discussions feature seems good too, hope that this app becomes more popular among students!!

24 January 2021 | Haneyi


App works really nicely. Provides customisable light/dark themes, shows bus timings for NTU, as well as other useful services like timetable, food, etc! I think it would be more functional if more people used it regularly.

14 December 2020 | abcde my name


Download it a year before but just found out that it got not just bus but also discussion and timetable all these stuffs haha. Feeling it becomes more useful

18 September 2021 | Shirin040

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