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Adding a touch of magic in your food! āœØ
We tried the DoDo Disney Kiddos Fish Nuggets that come in the iconic Mickey and Minnie shapes, and honestly they are really cute! Menu: šŸ˜„ Mickey Fish Nuggets ($6.50) One of the things we love about them is how convenient they are to prepare! We just need to pop them into the toaster oven (or air fryer) for 15 minutes, and you've got a quick and tasty snack ready to go. As for the taste, they really deliver! Each bite was tender and flavourful, and they come in both Mickey (original) and Minnie versions (veggies flavour). Follow my Instagram (@herdarksecret) for more food reviews! šŸ’Œ #DoDoSeafoodTreats #DoDoMickey #MickeyNuggets #MinnieNuggets