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Bukit Indah Pasar Malam
Just exploring the lively Bukit Indah Wednesday Pasar Malam in search of dinner options. It's a weekly treat, and luckily, we happened to be here on the right day. Let's dive into the array of food we sampled from various stalls. First up, we tried the Salted Egg Sweet Potato (RM 9). It was rather ordinary, nothing too remarkable. The salted egg flavour didn't come through strongly, so it's an okay choice if you're craving something simple. Moving on, we indulged in the Apam Balik (RM 5.50), which was a bit indulgent. This pancake was filled with corn, peanuts, and other toppings. It had a slight crispness on the outside, while remaining moist overall. It seemed like it had been sitting out for a while, but it still tasted decent. Just be cautious not to overindulge, as it can get a bit heavy on the palate. We couldn't resist trying the Curry Chee Cheong Fun (Plain) (RM 4), and boy, was it a delightful surprise. 😋 The combination of soft rice roll noodles and savoury curry was incredibly appetising. It truly awakened our taste buds. You can also add other ingredients, like Yong Tau Fu-style items, to enhance the experience. Next on our list was the Fried Carrot Cake (RM 6). It had a pleasant aroma but tasted average. It leaned towards the sweeter side and had a noticeable eggy flavour. However, the highlight of our foodventure was undoubtedly the Prawn Biscuit (RM 2/piece). These delectable treats were simply the best! Crispy, savoury, and utterly wonderful, they left us craving for more. We should have bought a larger quantity, as they tend to sell out quickly. The best part? They're deep-fried right in front of you, ensuring ultimate freshness. If you're looking for a delightful street food experience, head to the Bukit Indah Wednesday Pasar Malam for a variety of tasty treats. . 🚩Bukit Indah Wednesday Pasar Malam, 47, Jalan Indah 22/2, Taman Bukit Indah 2, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia . . . #mehmehfoodventure #mehlicious #tastisfying #mehmehjohor #foodie #sgfoodie #sgfoodblogger #foodblogger #foodblog #foodcoma #burpple #burpplemy #burppleJohor #burpplejb #jbfood #jbfoodie #johorfoodie #johorfood #malaysiafood #pasarmalam #nightmarket #streetfood #prawnbiscuit #currycheecheongfun #apambalik #saltedeggsweetpotato #friedcarrotcake
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