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Stateless by Elizabeth Wein
'Stateless' by Elizabeth Wein takes readers back to the tense atmosphere of 1937, where an air race across Europe becomes the backdrop for a thrilling tale of mystery and deception. The story revolves around Stella North, the only female contestant in the race, who is determined to prove her skills and assert her identity as a stateless individual with a Nansen passport. . As tensions rise among the competitors, Stella becomes a witness to a shocking attack that results in a plane crash. Questions arise: Was this a desperate act of a rival pilot? Was it a random incident or carefully planned? And most importantly, will it happen again? With the death initially ruled as an accident, Stella takes it upon herself to investigate, facing suspicion and deceit from her fellow competitors. Will she find allies in her quest for the truth? . One of the strengths of 'Stateless' is the element of suspense that keeps readers engaged throughout the story. The author skillfully conceals the identity of the killer, leaving readers guessing until the end. This mystery aspect of the book adds an exciting dimension and provides a sense of intrigue, keeping readers invested in the outcome. . However, the plot of 'Stateless' does suffer from pacing issues. The story tends to drag on for longer than necessary, which can be a deterrent for some readers seeking a faster-paced narrative. The slower pace might dampen the overall momentum of the plot, causing the book to lose some of its potential impact. . Nevertheless, Wein's storytelling prowess shines through in 'Stateless', offering a compelling blend of historical fiction, mystery, and adventure. The exploration of identity and the challenges faced by stateless individuals during that era adds depth and relevance to the narrative. The author's attention to historical detail and her ability to create a vivid setting further enhance the reading experience. . Experience the gripping story of deception, suspicion, and determination with 'Stateless!' Get your copy at all good bookstores. . Thank you #pansing @definitelybooks for the review copy!
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