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7 d#Asking For A Friend (AFAF)
to all the single pringles out there just a reminder that there are a lot of decent singles still out there. just because people around you may be in relationships or hooking up or whatever don't be dismayed, compelled or anxious to find something. If you think about it all the decent single MPS are also probably not out there, and not as easy to find as compared to those who are eager and out there. I strongheartedly believe you will eventually find a good relationship for yourself in time that won't feel forced 🥰 one good kind of relationship imo is where both are emotionally available, needn't have figured out future but atleast have some shared visions/paths, and able to grow together to adapt into their life with each other rather than being stuck in their own ways or progressing at varying rates in terms of personal growth (but ofc can still make it work)
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